Избранные статьи из журнала "Шестое чувство" (ныне "Переправа") за 2007 и 2008 годы на английском языке

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Избранные статьи из журнала "Шестое чувство" (ныне "Переправа")  за 2007 и 2008 годы на английском языке




MICHAIL KHODANOV. The Way to Harmony (Михаил Ходанов. Путь к гармонии (о журнале "Шестое чувство")


The magazine sees itself as a popular, cultural, educational and socially-focused edition.  The collective of the magazine intends to promote formation of  healthy, steady and well-balanced human person.The title of the magazine is “Sixth Sense”. This sense reflects spiritual foundation of human life, occurrence into immense world of his soul, in the world of invisible laws of its life, sources of formation of its moral. The magazine is for a wide range of readers who have not found yet the point of prop in their private world and who are in more or less active state of its search.



MICHAIL KHODANOV.  Volokolamsky American (Михаил Ходанов. Волоколамский американец)


№1. 2007


In the town church of The Marpho-Marijinsky Cloister of mercy in the village Kamenki of Volokolamsky area already forth year running every summer you can see a tall American in years dressed in loose checkered shirt and light trousers. He looks like a typical representative of capitalistic world. Only put on him a top hat, tail-coat and shirt front - and in front of us living “Mister Twister–millionaire – the owner of factories, newspapers and steamships” from a well-known ideological work of Samuil Marshak. But who knows who we will resemble if we are dressed up in a proper way...



ARSENY ZAMOSTYANOV. Frantic adherents of agression (Арсений Замостьянов. Неистовые ревнители агрессии)


№3. 2007


We will talk about elementary truth, that substantially stuck in people’s mind a long time ago, about the truth, that struck root in folklore. Recently, such a banal reasoning would not be worth publishing: what is the point in forcing an open door? Last years the ethic daltonism became so widespread phenomenon all over the world that we have to tell you without coquetry and naughtiness: “The Volga flows into Caspian Sea, aggression and anger do not bring happiness.”



Nothing happens accidentaly in this life!.. Interview was prepared by Archpriest MICHAIL KHODANOV. ( В жизни ничего не бывает случайным!.. Интервью подготовил протоиерей Михаил Ходанов)


№4. 2007


  Father-Superior Peter (Pigol), first prorector of St. Apostle Ioan Bogoslov’s Orthodox Theological Institute, director of informational and publishing sector of the department of religious education and catechism of Russian Orthodox church is visiting us today. When you speak to him, you can tell that there is a real monk in front of you, who devoted all his life to the God holding nothing back. Father-Superior Peter spent a considerable part of his life on the Sacred Mountain of Aphon, learning prayerful traditions of this world-famous insular monastic state on practice...



MICHAIL KHODANOV. Is “serving your country” all it’s cracked up to be for young people? (Михаил Ходанов. А для подростка главное - "Отчизне служить?")


№5. 2007


Serving in the army still remains unpopular among young people. Even the cult of power, military uniforms, massacres and an international antiterrorist campaign does not change the fact that a Russian teenager remains strongly negative to the idea of joining the army. We, the children of the seventies, have had our own problems with the military. At the time, events in Hungary and Czechoslovakia were still a topical subject. It goes without saying that we (and I’m saying this as a member of the Russian intelligentsia) never shared the official regime’s idea that it’s possible to occupy sovereign nations simply because they are hosts to political processes which are inconvenient for the Kremlin.



ALEXANDER NOTIN. What kind of Faith do we need? (Александр Нотин. Какая вера нам нужна?)

№2. 2008


Taking into consideration “Crossing”’s experience in this respect, I would like to direct general attention to the problem of forming and influencing the mass consciousness of young people by Orthodox religion. Why? The point is that studies of mass consciousness evolution in contemporary Russia are quite often accompanied by a dangerous confusion regarding conceptions of “culture” and “faith” (unfortunately, this tendency is also present in some of the speeches that have already been made here, during the Christmas Readings).



The apologia of  shake-up (P. 1). Publication was prepared by Archpriest MICHAIL KHODANOV.(Апология встряски (Ч. 1).  Публикацию подготовил протоиерей Михаил Ходанов)


№3. 2008


By this material we start a cycle of informal conversations on relevant spiritual themes. The representatives of three professions – the priest, the politician and the writer – hold the conversations. We suppose to lead this cycle until the end of the year and promise you, dear reader, you will not be bored. All themes of Russia, its past and present are organically connected and closely interlaced. We will try to find out the main course of contemporary historical process and state the most interesting points of view on its spiritual aspects. The following paradoxical phrase of metropolitan Veniamin  (Fedchenkov), well-known russian hierarch of the beginning of XX  century and outstanding church writer, caused this conversation. He said: “If there is no revolution in Russia, Russia won’t survive.” He pronounced this verdict before the events of  October 1917.



The apologia of  shake-up (P. 2). Publication was prepared by Archpriest MICHAIL KHODANOV.(Апология встряски (Ч. 2).  Публикацию подготовил протоиерей Михаил Ходанов)


№4. 2008


This time we call attention of readers to continuation of informal conversation on relevant spiritual problems of the present time (The beginning is in “The sixth sense”, № 3, 2008). It is led by the priest, the politician and the literary man. This time the conversation is devoted to such a not simple theme as returning young people of Russia to their spiritual cradle - to Christianity.



ARSENY ZAMOSTYANOV. The civic prayer of our nation (Арсений Замостьянов. Гражданская молитва страны) 


№4. 2008


A round table discussion devoted to the problems of patriotical education among young people has been held in May in the confines of State Duma; the officials intend to introduce such courses in all schools. Another semiofficial patriotic wave in reaction to Russia’s football and hockey achievements has taken mass media by storm. The Russian performance on Eurovision became a perfect manifestation of flashy eclectics that remind one of an old joke about illogic scenic effects: “Gypsy gnomes’ Jewish horse circus on ice”. It’s true that propagandists of the new patriotic ideology are beginning to mistake horses for men in their imagination...



MICHAIL KHODANOV. Want to do something refreshing? Go for the greater good! (Михаил Ходанов. Ты хочешь нового? Сотвори добро!)


№4. 2008 


I feel great pain when I think of today’s young people: how are they going by and what approach should we take to make them listen to us, Christians? I’m not young anymore, so I’m not particularly welcome in their circle. And people often tell me that I do not know or understand young people; that I only criticize them; that they’re not bad, simply different and so on and so on. Of course, not all young people are bad but in the words of Vladimir Vysotsky: “The better ones are unknown to me, maybe they have wings”. Of course, there are good young people studying, working, staying home in the evenings and not going to burn cars.


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